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Here, Alison and Jody drink Scotch and make their way through all the Judy Blume books, one by one. Listen along for deep dives into 1970s nostalgia, boobs, boners, and bullies. Dramatic readings, quizzes, special reports, and impromptu singing have also been known to occur.



Blume Heads have spoken!

15 Excellent Bookish Podcasts Launched in 2017
— Book Riot
It’s new The Blume Saloon episode day! Can’t even remember the last time I was so excited to listen to a new episode of a podcast. OBSESSED.
— Chanty, Muses and Stuff Podcast
I love this podcast! If you are a fan of “Stuff Mom Never Told You,” give it a listen — Jody and Alison have a similar dynamic to Cristen and Caroline. They compliment each other so well and seem to have a blast doing it!
— Kiwi Shiela
I listen to a lot of podcasts and the Blume Saloon is hands down one of my favorite new shows to listen to. Jody and Alison are smart, funny, and make the listener feel like they are part of the conversation. I wasn’t very familiar with Judy Blume books before listening to this show, but now I want to read all the books and listen to this podcast everyday. Everyone should listen to this show NOW!!
— Cpyu82
I listen to countless podcasts of all varieties but none of have touched my bookish heart like this one. If you grew up reading Blume as a pre-teen then you NEED this podcast in your life.
— This Bookish Life Blog
This is one of my favorite podcasts. These ladies are super informed on the books and they go deep into the cultural background of the time, relating the world of Judy Blume to the characters in her books. They are also hilarious! So funny.
— Jack Move
This wonderful podcast is a must for everyone who grew up reading Judy Blume. Alison and Jody are the book club besties you never had. They don’t get all bossy if you haven’t read the book - in fact, they read it for you and even provide a summary! Then they dissect the story and comment on all your favourite parts. They are well-informed and funny and have made Thursday the highlight of my week.
— The Little Bookroom
This is the first podcast I’ve gotten super into. I’ve always loved Judy Blume books and I’ve read them all so it’s super fun to go over them again. The hosts are great. I really enjoy listening to them dissect the novels.
— M. Palmer
These ladies are amazing. Rereading all things Judy Blume with them is a riot. Highly recommend rereading or reading Judy Blume along with them. So much fun. They are my definite happy place.
— The Book Hippie
There is an absolutely amazing podcast where two awesome (and funny) girls discuss and recap Judy Blume’s books. When I say it’s good I mean it’s the best thing you’ll hear all year.
— Rebecca, Retro Reads
Literally my favourite podcast. I look forward to listening to these ladies every week - the only way I can describe it is that it’s like being at a sleepover in the 1970s. Also YOU TOTALLY LEARN HISTORY AND STUFF! Thank you!!
— Local Flava Flav
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and the rest of the Fudge series were a huge part of my childhood so I was intrigued by this podcast. So glad I had a listen! The ladies really set the scene with info on what was going on in the world at the time and have a ton of enthusiasm for their subject. Really worth a listen if you loved Blume’s books, or even just like nostalgia and can take a trip down memory lane to your childhood.
— The Femcyclopedia Podcast
I’m loving the Blume Saloon. I didn’t read the books as a teen, so I feel like I’m catching up on such a cultural touchstone with two smart and super funny women leading the way.
— cocokokomo
Just discovered the podcast, I’m hooked!
— Gabi Toth
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