Episode 21. If You Do Know, Then You Know

Poor Deenie has scoliosis! And she has to wear a Milwaukee brace for four years! Alison and Jody discuss chapters 7-10 of Judy Blume's "Deenie," a true YA classic. Join them in the sweltering Blume Cocoon as they reminisce about awkward hand-holding, learn the history of X-rated movies, and take a quiz to see what 1970s celebrity they are. Who's gonna get stuck with Donny Osmond? Check our Facebook page to take the quiz for a chance to win a Blume Saloon pin and your very own vintage copy of "Deenie!" It's a sort-of book club. Join us every week!

Some things we talk about in this episode:

Infrared Photos of 1940s Movie Audiences

How "X-Rated" Became Synonymous With "Porn"

Which 1970s Celebrity Are You?

Alison Michael