Episode 57: Butt Chairs

Good lord, this one's a doozy. Alison and Jody make their way through chapters 6-7 of Norma Klein's "Domestic Arrangements," published in 1981. The girls get an incredible, intriguing letter from a Blume Head with some serious intel. They chit chat about millennial strawberries, the Clueless Targ-Bucks takeover, chairs shaped like hands, THC drops, Jock Jams, great tits, and Gunne Sax. Meanwhile, Rusty's dad turns 50 and celebrates with some Dobos Torte and a semi-surprise party, Deel gets "totally zonked," Mom reveals her home-wrecking history, and Charlie gets very, very creepy. Most importantly, Rusty's film premieres and Joshua ain't impressed. He didn't even like "Kramer vs. Kramer!" Congratulations to Blume Head of the Week Audrey Sprenger!

Alison Michael