Episode 65: Hashtag NoLo

In the penultimate “Domestic Arrangements” episode, Alison and Jody discuss chapters 21-22 of Norma Klein’s 1981 racy YA novel. Rusty auditions for Lolita the musical by singing a weirdly maudlin Beatles song and playing some bra-less tennis with a middle-aged pervert. She finally gets to read her People feature, and learns a Very Important Life Lesson from the Man on the Plane. The gals muddle through two mysteries: 1) Who is Beryl the bootleg Barbie? and 2) Are Marathon bars really Snickers or Curly Wurlies? Help! Finally, congratulations to Blume Head of the Week, Martha, who wrote an awesome letter about her love of Judy and life as a teen during the early ’80s.

Alison Michael