Episode 36: A Federal Offense

Happy birthday week, Judy!!! Queen Bees, frenemies, bullies, and betches. Is there no end to Linda Fischer's living nightmare? Alison and Jody read chapters 10-12 of "Blubber," Judy Blume's 1974 YA novel. Jill writes a nasty letter to the Superior Stamp Company (just like the one Jody wrote to Ann M. Martin), Mrs. Sandmeier drops a bomb, Linda is force-fed a fake ant, and Mr. Machinist catches his culprits. Join us for some vintage commercials, Toddlers & Tiaras recaps, and a "Which Classic High School Queen Be Are You?" quiz. Take the quiz (link on our Facebook page), tell us which Queen Bee you are, and you just might win a pin! 

Alison Michael