Episode 42: Everybody Watchung Tonight

It's a full house! Jody and Alison envelop author and Literary Death Match creator, Adrian Todd Zuniga, into the Cocoon to chat about his new book, "Collision Theory," his journey to becoming a bona fide novelist, and the time he HUNG OUT with Judy Blume in Miami! Then, Blume Head Cathy drops by to discuss chapters 10-11 of "Wifey," Judy's positively naughty adult novel from 1978. Sandy gets a pixie cut, argues with Norm about his asshole mother, and remembers her cringeworthy wedding night at the Kennedy Airport hotel. The girls discuss ice-filled bathtubs, firehouse sweet sixteens, New Jersey topography, 1970s racial tensions, and bad sex. It's a Judy Blume book club. Join us every week!

Be sure to check out "Collision Theory," "...a headlong and heartaching modern masterwork. It's suddenness, unexpectedness, humor, and humanity make for an unforgettable read." https://www.indiebound.org/book/9781945572821

And find out if Literary Death Match is coming to a town near you! It’s super fun. literarydeathmatch.com

Alison Michael