Episode 44: Little Sand Shark

Sandy's world gets more bizarre as Jody an Alison cover chapters 15-16 of Judy Blume's 1978 novel about a horny housewife. The twins get bogo rhinoplasties, Sandy has her date with Vincent X. Moseley and hunts for Shep, Myra finds out Gordy is cheating, and a sexy, hairy plumber appears. Jody presents a Special Report on '70s nose jobs, while Alison does her finest voice acting yet. But the best part is Blume Head Rebecca's letter, which prompts Al and Jody to reminisce about how they met, how The Blume Saloon was born, and who the mystery podcast mascot is. *** Use code BLUME to receive 15% off any Sudio headphones at https://goo.gl/RRzTao! Free shipping!

Alison Michael