Episode 51: Hamburger Hell

Join Alison and Jody as they cruise through chapters 5-7 of Judy Blume’s 1972 childhood treasure, “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing!” Fudge turns three and has an absolute shitshow birthday party with a puker, a biter, and a crybaby. Peter grows increasingly resentful of his li’l bro, especially after being forced to do a weird balloon dance. The fam spends a day in the city which ends with mashed potato wall art and a cascade of peas. And to top it all off, Peter’s transportation committee falls apart with Sheila and Jimmy Fargo’s constant bickering. Jody reminisces about British parlour games, and Alison provides some goss on a recent helicopter hijacking. Tune in for bad Star Wars impressions, dramatic readings, and two wonderful listener letters. Finally, congratulations to Mark Durica for being Blume Head of the Week! 

Alison Michael