Episode 70: WORT

Alison and Jody close out 2018 with chapters 9-10 of “Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great”, written by Judy Blume in 1972. Intrepid Sheila starts a gossip-y camp newspaper, won't let anyone help her, and gets schooled by the mimeograph machine. After a terrifying dog-lick attack, Mouse gives Sheila another chance to own up to her faults, but our girl refuses to crack. Meanwhile, Jennifer makes a “friend” and that “friend” goes and knocks her up. What's Sheila gonna do with ALL THESE DOGS?! Alison and Jody discuss Barbie Dream Houses, dumb waiters, sisterly competition, and read a great letter from Blume Head Helen. Heartfelt congratulations to Blume Head of the Week, Anna Lamprey!

Alison Michael