Episode 74: Fluffy Fluff Fluff Fluff

New book y’all! Jody and Alison are thrilled to begin Paula Danziger’s debut novel, “The Cat Ate My Gymsuit,” chapters 1-3. They start with a 1974 primer and delve into some wild specifics: Rumble in the Jungle, Marina Abramovic’s uncomfortable performance art, the worst music in modern history, and Saturday morning cartoons. Our protagonist Marcy pretty much hates her life until the mysteriously hip Ms. Finney shows up at school. What’s up with this crazy teacher? Will Marcy work up the courage to chat with nerdy hunk Joel? What the heck is Smedley? In other news, the gals read two amazing Blume Head letters, reenact their favorite scenes, and sing some Blind Melon. Shout out to Amy Mason Doan, this week’s Blume Head of the Week!

Alison Michael