Episode 86: Orlando

It's 1980, baby! Alison and Jody read chapters 12-13 of Judy Blume's riveting 1998 novel, "Summer Sisters." Caitlin and Vix are now 15 and their friendship is tested when they end up at the same high school. The Countess makes her grand entrance with casually discarded cigarettes and a strange bathtub scene. Our heroines end up babysitting for a celebrity couple but it does not end well. All we can say is: YOU STAY AWAY TIM CASTELLANO! Jody does Special Reports on the quintessential '70s perfume, Charlie, and days of the week as first names. Meanwhile, Alison tries not to black out inside the steamy Cocoon. There's also lots of dramatic reading, a Blume Head of the Week (congrats, Kate P!) and plenty of errors in need of correction.

Alison Michael