Episode 88: Dry Humping to Van Halen

Settle in for a real humdinger episode of assorted content! Alison and Jody read chapters 17-18 of Judy Blume’s fan favorite novel “Summer Sisters,” written in 1998. Vix is doing private things with Bru in his shaggin’ wagon. The gals get a couple awkward talks from Abby. We discover that Dan is basically an incel and Sharkey might be having some GSA (dare you to look it up!). Jody and Alison drink sparkling rosé and talk about their thieving compulsions, aggressive kissing, baby-naming controversies, Bradley Cooper’s Lolita fetish, and gibberish '90s cyber sex. There’s a primo letter from Jo about her Fiat NOT named after Grandad, an update from Rebecca Kate Mate, and a Blume Head of the Week: Mandy Sutton!

Alison Michael