Odds and Ends #5: The Scoli Special

After all this "Deenie" talk, have you been wondering what it's like to wear a Milwaukee brace? Been reminiscing about your own toe-touch screenings in P.E.? Ever thought about which scoliosis celebrity you are? Well, this is the episode for you! Alison and Jody put on their nerd glasses to bring you the who/what/why of all things scoliosis, including some of the controversy on different treatments. They also read two gorgeous letters from Blume Heads sharing their own bracing stories. Lastly, the gals announce the next book: "FOREVER," Judy Blume's 1975 novel about... you know what!

Things we talk about in this episode:

A Dangerous Curve: The Role of History in America's Scoliosis Screening Programs

Which Celebrity with Scoliosis Are You?


Alison Michael