Episode 25: Crabapples

The gals start reading "Forever..." Judy Blume's controversial novel about first love and first sex! Alison and Jody set the scene by exploring life in 1975 – the music, the movies, and current events. The Vietnam War is finally over, "Jaws" slays the box office, and disco's coming to town! They discuss chapters 1-3 and find themselves both intrigued and repulsed by Michael, Katherine's new beau. But her bra-less mom is awesome. Tune in for an extra-long episode full of teenage fondue parties, latch hook rugs, embroidered jeans, and too many tangents to count. Things are heating up, but will Katherine decide to go... all the way? Special thanks to Blume Head Schmoo for the intel on Summit, New Jersey.

Alison Michael