Episode 55: An Exquisite Daughter

Alison and Jody are back in the Cocoon to talk about Norma Klein’s “Domestic Arrangements” chapter 3! This one’s a shortie, but we’ll get back to our regular programming next week. Rusty has a horrifically forthright conversation with her “cool mom” and butters Daddy up after his chat with the Laskers. We learn that Joshua has some naked pics, and most importantly, that Rusty has starred in some kind of mysterious exploitation movie. WHAT?! Total cliffhanger. The gals talk about their first non-kisses, Jody discovers she’s a swinger, and Alison teaches us the correct pronunciation of “Stuyvesant.” If that's not enough, tune in for the vintage commercials from 1981 and the melodramatic radio plays. Finally, congratulations to GemerGemer for being this week’s Blume Head of the Week!

Alison Michael