Episode 54: Sexy Bubbles

Are you ready for a new book? How about a new author? Or a new co-host? Alison is out this week, but Sara joins Jody in the Cocoon to discuss chapters 1-2 of Norma Klein’s 1981 novel, “Domestic Arrangements.” Not only was Norma one of Judy Blume’s close pals, they both found themselves on the “Most Banned” lists for YA fiction in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Jody and Sara present their research on the pop culture, music, fashion, and weird facts about the year of their new heroine, Rusty Engelberg. Fourteen-year-old Rusty gets caught having sex with Joshua in the bathroom at 3 a.m., Daddy goes postal, sister Deel is jealous, and Mom don’t care. Tune in for dramatic readings, literary analysis, and lots of mini-special reports! And congratulations to Blume Head of the Week, Chalon B!

Alison Michael