Episode 60: The Hummus Express

All aboard! Jody and Alison analyze chapters 12-13 of “Domestic Arrangements,” a YA treasure written by Norma Klein in 1981. Rusty poses with some cherries for Seventeen Magazine and does an exclusive interview on cable TV (you don't wanna miss this lively reenactment)! She also goes back to school but finds herself accosted by her jealous classmates. Rude! The gals present another treasure from The Karen Files and receive some fabulous tidbits about Barbizon and Scoliosis from Blume Head Helen. Come inside the Cocoon for idle banter about the creative liberties of James Franco, the shooting in Jody's backyard, ’80s blush, and pre-teen nymphettes (ugh!). Congratulations to Jennie McKeon, this week’s Blume Head of the Week!

Alison Michael