Episode 59: A Horse Named Linda

A star is born! Alison and Jody eat gross shooting star cookies (sorry!) as they cover chapters 10-11 of “Domestic Arrangements,” written by Norma Klein in 1981. Rusty receives some glowing movie reviews, test drives her new “acquisition,” and discovers that mom has a not-so-secret lover! We also learn more about the day Rusty and Joshua met (hint: it involves nude pix!). Al and Jody chat spermicide, Mary Kay Letourneau, and Lanz nightgowns. They receive another thrilling batch from The Karen Files, and end the episode with a Celebre-teen Wedding quiz! Did you know that Milla Jovovich married her "Dazed and Confused" co-star?! Finally, Congrats to Blume Head of the week Jami D.!

Alison Michael