Odds and Ends #8: Lolita vs. Marathon Bars

Alison and Jody conduct a thorough post-mortem of Norma Klein's edgy YA novel, “Domestic Arrangements.” They read some awesome listener letters about hot record store boys, ’80s triangle perms, and Judy Blume eBay treasures. Alison shares her obsession with French chanteuse Alizée, and Jody discovers who wrote the iconic beat poem “Now-Times for People with Now-Dreams.” The girls discuss Adrian Lyne’s 1997 adaptation of “Lolita,” Dominique Swain’s film legacy, and the truth about Marathon Bars. They say their final goodbye to Rusty and Co. with some thought-provoking Goodreads reviews and unveiling their NEXT BOOK! Can you guess what it is?

Alison Michael