Episode 67: Whitewater

New book alert! Jody and Alison get back on the Fudge Train with the second in the series, “Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great,” written by Judy Blume in 1972. The girls are joined by longtime Blume Head Lizzy as they read chapters 1-3. To set the scene, Jody talks 1972 current events, movies, and hosts a trivia quiz where everyone’s a winner! Alison presents her pop music findings, and Lizzy gives us the low-down on fashion of the era. They also dig up Judy's musings on Sheila, and an amazing book review by a real life 10-year-old. Sheila’s family moves to Tarrytown for the summer, and it could not be worse. There’s a howling dog, a scary spider, and NO YELLOW CARPET WITH A RED ROSE IN THE MIDDLE. Just lots and lots of Testor’s glue. Finally, congrats to Stephanie (otherwise known as Bookshelf Bombshell) for being this week’s Blume Head of the Week!

Alison Michael