Episode 68: The Ballad of Bon Qui Qui

Sheila Tubman meets Mouse Ellis, the yo-yo Junior Champion of Tarrytown! Your hosts Alison and Jody read chapters 4-5 of Judy Blume's 1972 children's novel, “Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great.” This summer ain’t so bad after all – Sheila’s making friends, avoiding dogs, and signing up for day camp. But things start to crack when she gets caught in a lie and is forced to take swimming lessons. Will our gal ever be able to gain Mouse's trust? Will she learn to swim without getting her face wet? On the flip side, Alison and Jody unbox some gorgeous Lip Smackers and an OREO RECORD PLAYER (!!!) from a very generous Blume Head. They also take a quiz on all things Sheila, tell stories about deceased chickens, listen to vintage TV commercials, and embark on some primo dramatic readings.

Alison Michael