Odds and Ends #7: Prolonging Wifey

You thought "Wifey" was over? Hah, not quite! Alison and Jody wrap up Judy Blume's scandalous 1978 novel and say goodbye to Sandy Pressman the only way they know how: Special Reports, decades-old People and Bust magazine interviews, hilarious one-star book reviews, and a Jeopardy quiz. Alison digs up some dirt on the history of key parties, and boy are you in for a shocker. We also learn what a Hot Karl is. Meanwhile, Jody uncovers Judy's secret stints as pop songstress and DIY maker. Last but not least, huge congratulations to our Blume Head of the Week: Street Jaime! It's a Judy Blume book club. Join us every week!

Alison Michael