Episode 53: Perv Busters

It's the final "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" episode! Alison and Jody wrap up chapter 10 of Judy Blume's brilliant book, the one where Fudge Hatcher does the unspeakable. You know what it is. Peter is devastated by the loss of Dribble, and no one seems to care! Will his family ever make it up to him? Alison presents an exclusive interview with Blume Head Amanda -- a real live person who grew up in 1970s Manhattan -- while Jody gives a Special Report on the hellish '70s NYC subway system and the Guardian Angels. Alison's Fudge impressions are on point and Jody decides to Save the Turtles. Finally, hearty congrats to Darisa and Jack, our mother/son Blume Heads of the Week! 

Alison Michael