Episode 72: Put it in the Pizza

It's sleepover time! The gals read chapters 13-14 of Judy Blume's kid lit classic, "Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great." Sheila hosts her very first slumber party, get crushed by a Slam Book, trashes Bobby Egran's prized possessions, and winds up with a butt-full of toothpaste. Great night, all in all! There's also a very scary hayride with a possible werewolf sighting. Jody and Alison re-enact all the best scenes, and discuss sleeping bag couture and how awful pre-teen girls can be. Then Jody gives an impromptu Special Report on how to get ready for a date in 1972. Hint: you need to spare 5 hours. Join the gals for laughs, weird facts, and a little bit of Olsen Twins. Big ups to this week's Blume Head of the Week, Margret Caulton!

Alison Michael