Episode 73: Wiccan Rock Band

Alison, Jody, and special guest Lizzy finish "Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great," Judy Blume's 1972 novel about a fabulous ten-year-old who conquers her fears. Sheila takes the dreaded swim test and doesn't drown! The Tubmans have a farewell party and everyone's invited – even Jennifer's baby daddy! The gals read one fascinating letter from a Blume Head who works with an adorable rodent named Mouse Ellis. Lizzy tells us all about her childhood show dogs with stripper names, while Alison presents a comprehensive Special Report on Tarrytown: the pre-WWI bombings, historic mansions, summer camps with towel service, and local SAT scores. And then Jody reveals a secret surprise involving our Most Famous Sheila, Sheila E.! Lastly, there's a super duper difficult 1972 trivia quiz, drafted by Blume Head Willie. No Whitewaters to be found. Congrats to Becky and Mouse Ellis for being Blume Heads of the Week!

Alison Michael