Episode 78: Purple Pants Suit

Marcy’s suspension is going swimmingly! In chapters 12-13 of Paula Danziger’s “The Cat Ate My Gymsuit” (1974), our heroine gets an awesome new outfit, spends quality time with Stuart and Wolf, learns about boys from Nancy, and prepares for her first date! The girls receive a fantastic letter from Blume Head Jennie, Alison presents her findings on the Pledge of Allegiance and its legal ramifications, and Jody forces her sister to sing “Advance Australia Fair” in two-part harmony. Come inside the Blume Cocoon for some whiskey, Oreo Creme Eggs, giggle fits, dramatic readings, sweet nostalgia, and astute literary analysis. Shout out to this week’s Blume Head of the Week, Sharifa!

Alison Michael