Episode 81: Lavacious

Nothin’ like a NEW BOOK! Alison and Jody start reading Judy Blume’s 1998 fan favorite adult novel, “Summer Sisters” (chapters 1-2). The girls set the scene for ‘77, the year Vix meets Caitlin and her life is changed forever. There’s already so much intrigue, surprise, and serious questions to ponder: who the hell is Bru? How does a Pizza Wagon work? Does Judy have an animal nickname fetish? And what is “IT”? Jody recounts 1977’s notable events (did you know that Argentina sent a pregnant lady to Antarctica for first dibs on the South Pole?), while Alison talks about music, TV, movies, and the tragic Beverly Hills Supper Club fire. They also read two heartwarming/tear-jerking Blume Head letters and announce this week’s Blume Head of the Week, Lizza!

Alison Michael