Odds and Ends #10: Goodbye Gymsuit

Calling all Danziger Heads! This one's for you. Jody and Alison tie up "The Cat Ate My Gymsuit" (1974) with special guest Jack, and the Blume Cocoon spins a little out of control. The gang reads some A+ listener letters and a follow-up from Paula not long before she passed. Alison presents a Special Report on The Pledge of Allegiance, Jack schools us on the PTA, and Jody does the origins and evolution of the word "Ms." Listen in for school suspension stories, magic blue potion, star spangled cookies, weird anti-drinking PSAs, amateur songwriting, Pillow People, and a quiz about grown-ups who love stuffed animals. You will learn SO MUCH this episode. Giant congratulations to this week's Blume Head of the Week, Aimee Hagerty Johnson!

Alison Michael