Episode 96: My Wife

Put on your best pinstripe suit and settle in for chapters 35-36 of “Summer Sisters” by Judy Blume, published in 1998. Vix, Paisley, and Maia move to NYC to share a flea market hospital ward and start their careers. Caitlin swoops into town for some shrimp fettuccine and an awkward solo flamenco dance. Gus takes a trip to Seattle and has a regrettable meetup. Abby invents Facebook. Alison gives some good Loehmann’s goss, Jody finds a Martha’s V connection with The Carlyle, and they read an incredible letter from Blume Head Robyn about the Billy Madison clown. There’s also an international audio dispatch from Blume Head Becky, retelling her wild dream involving Jody, Alison, and the Weston Bellagio. Finally, hooray for Blume Head of the Week, Sarah B.!

Alison Michael