Episode 97: Li'l Lucky Luke

Bust out your rollerblades and skate with us through chapters 37-38 of Judy Blume’s 1998 best-seller, “Summer Sisters.” Vix quits her job and meets some city folk who make her ponder the meaning of luck. Then she takes a secret trip to Atlantic City for a poker junket. She also has some erotic dreams involving peonies. Caitlin plans the opening of Eurotrash and takes care of her dying pal Donny. Gus seems confused about practically everything. Jody and Alison talk about the Lockerbie plane bombing, Whitney Port, and drugs that make you want to be celibate. And there are plenty of the usual dramatic re-enactments. Congratulations to this week’s Blume Head of the Week, Elizabeth B.!

Alison Michael