Episode 93: We Are the World

Leave your egos at the door and come inside the Cocoon for chapters 28-29 of Judy Blume’s spectacular 1998 novel, “Summer Sisters.” Vix has a rough Thanksgiving and is questioning her relationship, Caitlin finally comes home with some thigh high boots after an abortion in Paris, meanwhile Lamb turns 50 and realizes his kids are the WORST at speeches. Settle in for Jody’s in-depth Special Report on celebrity charity supergroups and the songs they spawned: “Do They Know It’s Christmas,” “We Are the World,” “Voices That Care”... and just maybe... "Their Voices Call." There’s also a mind-blowing Hills tie-in. Thank you Blume Heads Sue, Megan and Chrissy for their awesome letters, and congratulations to Heather B. for being Blume Head of the Week!

Alison Michael