Episode 94: Sort Your Life Out

Alison and Jody try not to drown in the Charlie Swamp as they cover chapters 30-31 of Judy Blume’s fan-favorite novel, “Summer Sisters” (1998). Vix and Bru take a fateful road trip to Santa Fe and we learn that you really can’t go home again. Sharkey may or may not be conducting mouse experiments, Maia proves to be a nice friend, and Caitlin visits LA to reconnect with her TV star molester. The girls receive a wonderful letter from a Tiger Eyes fan, and a hilarious Catcher in the Rye Communiqué from Sara and her sisters. Jody replays her iconic conversation with the Walgreen’s beauty consultant, and Alison talks about hypochondria and STYLE REMIX. And finally, hooray for Cherries and Hens, this week’s Blume Head of the Week!

Alison Michael